Junior and Secondary School Advising:

Having been born and raised on a boarding school campus, I have an inherent calling to guide students and their families through the junior and secondary school search.
I am available throughout every month of the year to assist families whose children are embarking on the junior and/or secondary boarding school process. My goal is to determine exactly which schools, across the country or overseas, match the needs of their son or daughter. Finding precisely the right fit for each individual student is the key to success for my boarding school candidates. Whether it be at the junior or secondary level, every student is known, and every student is valued, at boarding school.
I attribute my in-depth knowledge of the boarding school landscape to the solid professional relationships I have developed with Heads of School and their Directors of Admission over the last several decades. Each of these brilliant colleagues recognizes my loyalty to the boarding school experience and my dedication to the education of the whole child. These professionals appreciate how much I value their trust, more than any other quality. It is my belief that trust is at the heart of every positive relationship, including those I form with my boarding school candidates and their parents.

Learning Differences:

I frequently assist families whose children have mild to moderate learning differences. Should a family seek help with diagnosis or clarification, I can recommend professionals as needed.

At Risk Adolescents and Young Adults:

Throughout my career, I have worked with families whose children may need a therapeutic environment. I have visited the vast majority of therapeutic schools, intervention programs, and young adult support settings. I know the individual therapists who can be instrumental in matching the child with the most appropriate clinical professional in a particular program.


I can provide referrals to experienced quality educational consultants depending on the scope of services being sought for college and graduate school.

Worldwide educational assistance:

I have worked with families from around the globe and am knowledgeable about the various educational settings in which these student clients are learning.
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