Cammie Bertram has officially announced her departure from The Bertram Group, which she founded in 2012, to launch her new educational consulting firm, CAMPUS DIRECTIONLLC. ( 

Cammie will continue to serve families seeking the most appropriate academic and residential environment for their children in junior and secondary boarding schools. Cammie will also continue to work with children, teens, and young adults in need of a therapeutic setting. 

Cammie can be reached at (203) 255.3174 or:

Cammie holds the distinction of being a Certified Educational Planner. A CEP is an experienced professional, committed to providing the highest quality of service to students and families. This level of distinction means that Cammie has achieved the profession’s most rigorous educational standards and adheres to a strict code of ethics. 

In September 2017, Cammie was honored to receive the Enrollment Management Association’s Everett E. Gourley Award. The Gourley award is given annually to an individual who has served as an inspiration to students and colleagues within the private education industry. 

Over nearly 30 years as an educational consultant and counselor, Cammie has created an extensive global network of professionals with whom she collaborates on a regular basis. Cammie has served on the boards of several independent schools and numerous organizations including the Enrollment Management Association (EMA), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), as well as the IECA Foundation. She has spoken domestically and overseas at national and regional forums on the advantages of an independent educational experience. Cammie is passionate about the opportunities that junior and secondary boarding schools provide for today’s children. 

Here is a sampling of what families, students, and educators say about working with Cammie Bertram and about the launch of Campus Direction:

“Congratulations! The industry is so lucky to have you, and the breadth and focus of your practice seem so thoughtful and timely for what kids and families really need right now.” - School admission professional

“What an exciting adventure! I honestly can’t tell you how often we thank God for you and all you have done for our family.” - Parent

“I am so happy for you and marvel at your resilience and determination. The mark you left on the industry through leadership of your former firm is only part of your legacy. Off you go as a sole proprietor and good for you. I know that there are many more families that will benefit from your special touch.” - Fellow educational consultant

“You are a wonder and your client base and others through word of mouth will be the beneficiaries of your experience and wisdom. We know that first hand from the guidance which you gave us on our son.” - Parent

Returning to work as a sole practitioner, as she did from 1994-2012, Cammie is thrilled to be able to focus entirely on her true calling: providing sound, informed advice to students and families here and abroad, and guiding them through the boarding school admissions process. 

Campus Directionoffers college advising, career coaching, and emotional and spiritual growth counseling. These services, as well as tutoring and test preparation, are readily available through Cammie’s alignment with the most highly qualified professionals across the country and overseas. 

Cammie is sincerely grateful to her colleagues and friends in both the traditional and therapeutic arenas for supporting her over the last three decades. She looks forward to deepening these relationships and developing new ones through Campus Direction.