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  • "Absolute Gift"

    - Parent from New Jersey
  • "Truly the best"

    - Family in California
  • "lucky to have you"

    - Executive Director, Outdoor Behavioral Program

    - Head of School
  • "supreme role model"

    - Fellow Certified Educational Planner
  • "gold standard"

    - Head of School
  • "great work"

    - Director of Admission
  • "stellar example"

    - Head of School

    - Student
  • The Joys of Consulting
    My heart is in my work, and it is the most gratifying career I could ever imagine. The rewards are manifold. It’s just plain fun to watch these youngsters transform into caring, kind, and responsible young adults. Knowing that I have contributed to this growth and transformation is deeply rewarding.

    I strive to provide families with the knowledge and current information while navigating them through the school selection and application process. I guide and teach. And I listen.

    I strive to help students grow and become self-reflective, responsible and reach their full potential – as an individual, not just as a student.

    Mine is not only a “helping” career but a healing one, particularly when it comes to serving children and families in crisis.
  • Absolute gift
    Cammie Bertram is an absolute gift. Having worked with an educational consultant and dyslexic myself, I recognize what a special person she is. Cammie's thoughtful support throughout the research and the identification of schools shows such care and professionalism. She's an incredibly valuable partner and trusted advisor to our family. Her deep relationship with high schools across the country is exemplified by them saying things like "she is the best in the business" which speaks volumes. She absolutely takes the time to know the schools and the individuals well so that they can match together for the best fit. If you're lucky enough to get Cammie on your team, you've got the best in the business.
    - Parent from New Jersey
  • Truly the best
    You truly are the best educational counselor! I will always be so thankful and grateful for your help with our son. His life changed thanks to your professional guidance.
    - Family in California
  • Lucky to have you
    The industry is so lucky to have you, and the breadth and focus of your practice seem so thoughtful
    - Executive Director, Outdoor Behavioral Program
  • Vision, Energy, and Expertise
    You rock! You have a vision, energy, and expertise--you will thrive. I send all my support.
    - Head of School
  • Supreme role model
    You have always been the supreme role model for this profession! This next chapter is exciting and will be a blessing to many families!
    - Fellow Certified Educational Planner
  • Gold Standard
    You are the ultimate “gold standard.” How fortunate families are to have you help lead their way.
    - Head of School
  • Great Work
    You have always been the picture of what the “Gold Standard” looks like in this great work.
    - Director of Admission
  • Stellar Example
    You're a stellar example of putting students first through your values of care and thoughtful guidance in the consulting profession. Cheers to many years of continued success with Campus Direction!
    - Head of School
  • Significant Role
    I want to thank you so much for all your help with my applications. You have played a significant role in getting everything done in a timely manner as well as submitting material that I am proud of.
    - Student
Finding the Right Fit
I am a matchmaker when it comes to students and boarding schools. I have spent decades building a knowledge base of schools and programs – I know what differentiates each school and program and the profiles of applicants that will succeed. Coupling the knowledge of schools and programs with my assessment of the student is very important and leads to a successful outcome for my candidate.

For three decades, my profession and my career have always been based on TRUST – and developing trusting, interpersonal relationships with my colleagues in the schools and programs – as well as with my candidates and their families.

I always look for the “goodness” in each of my students and establish solid trust through honest exchange and interaction. Having fun with my candidates is my favorite part of my job.
I begin our initial conversation discussing hopes and dreams, followed by an inventory of favorite subjects, extracurricular activities, and any special interests or passions the students would like to continue - or pursue - in boarding school.

We then talk about ideal geographical location, size, coed or single gender, urban or off the beaten track.

Finally, I emphasize to the parents and their child how we will work as a team in order to instill confidence and trust as we embark upon an important and exciting journey together. I assure the parents that I will always serve as my candidate's personal ambassador and cheerleader. At the same time, I will teach their child self-advocacy skills, encourage self-discovery, and how to demonstrate their interest in specific schools that are the right match for them.

I adhere to IECA's Principles of Good Practice and uphold sound ethical judgment. I take pride in being a Certified Educational Planner who has achieved the profession's most rigorous educational standards.
30 years proven experience.
Cammie Bertram is a dynamic, inspirational leader within the educational consulting community as a result of the informed advice she provides her client families. For nearly thirty years she has worked with students at the junior, secondary, and college levels. She also has a well-deserved and respected reputation for her expertise in advising families with a child in need of a therapeutic environment.

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